National Conference on 6G Spectrum, Technology and Standardization by ITU

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  • Date: 19 April 2023
  • Venue: Alof Hotel, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore


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As 5G is rolled out in India at a lightning pace, its usage will further expand from basic broadband into Immersive, critical enterprise and Industrial sectors to support India’s economic and Industrial growth with new capabilities much beyond consumer communications. At the same time, the research, development, and standardization of 6G is also gaining momentum with the ITU WP5D, which is responsible for standardizing the Radio Interface for all versions of cellular technologies from 3G to 5G (named by the ITU as IMT-2000, IMT-advanced and IMT-2020). It will take about 7 years from now until 2030 to standardize the next generation of mobile wireless technology. India aims to focus on 6G work in the area of with ubiquitous connectivity, sustainability, efficiency, and extended coverage. It is also heartening to note that India is also entering the global 5G manufacturing market for devices, networks, and software. The lightning speed with which the developments are taking place in the 6G standards and spectrum, India needs to further build momentum in our preparations and continue sharing of the information with all stakeholders on the continuing work on ITU framework Recommendation for 6G. This event will focus on these areas.

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