WG - Independent Evaluation Group


The 5GIF IEG is one of the independent evaluation groups registered with ITU-R for IMT2020 candidate radio technology evaluation. This group was formed to evaluate the IMT2020 candidates from the perspective of Indian network deployments. This is a group of operators, OEM’s, universities and individual experts participating in a collaborative manner, in the evaluation of candidate IMT2020 technologies of interest. This is a contribution driven activity, with decisions made through a consensus seeking approach.


  • Chair : Sendil Kumar, Ericsson

Past Meetings

  • Kickoff meeting Mar 2019
  • Workshop #1 April 2019
  • Workshop #2 Aug 2019
  • Workshop #3 Sep 8-10, 2019
  • Workshop #4 Nov 10, 2019

Participating Members

  • Amrita University
  • LNMIIT University
  • Bharti Airtel
  • Vodafone Idea
  • Ericsson India
  • Intel India
  • Nokia India
  • Qualcomm India
  • Huawei India
  • ZTE India


  • 5GIF IEG contributions to ITU-R WP5D
  • 5GIF IEG Final report 5GIF IEG Final report Link
  • 5GIF IEG Interim report to WP5D#33 5GIF Interim evaluation results towards IMT-2020 Candidate (3GPP RIT)
  • 5GIF IEG Interim presentation to WP5D#33 5GIF IEG Interim Report WP5D33



Vikram Tiwathia
Telephone: +91 11 2334 9275
Email: imt2020@5gindiaforum.in