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The 5G for Industry workgroup of the 5GIF focuses on dissipation of 3GPP technology capabilities in various industries in India other than the telecom & mobility.

  1. Partnering with global 3GPP Verticals MRPs and disseminate the information and developments in Indian vertical industry players and enterprise consumers
  2. Jointly evaluate requirements from vertical industries in India for potential inputs to 3GPP and other global organizations
  3. Disseminate informations that can help promotion and adoption of 3GPP technologies in vertical industry engagements with local stakeholders like Industrial OEMs, OT and IT players, MNOs, and other Government initiative bodies (e.g SAMARTH UDYOG by Min. of Heavy Industries)
  4. Be a technically inclusive industry led working group to adoption of 3GPP solutions in various segments like
    • 5G based broadcasting, Private Networks for Manufacturing, Automotive Industry, Gaming etc in National bodies like TEC, WPC and other Govt. bodies.
  5. Develop tools & knowledge base of technology for vertical industry based on 5G and beyond


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