Looking Beyond 5G: Future Technology Trends Towards 6G

Event Details

  • Date: 16 September 2021
  • Venue: Virtual


The future connected world in 2030 and beyond will look very different to the world we know today. 4G mobile wireless technology, that we use every day, is already giving way to the new 5G technology. A new connected, smart and intelligent society is already starting to emerge, powered by multiple access technologies including Wi-Fi, small cells, and satellite alongside terrestrial mobile cellular networks. From autonomous vehicles that are able to connect and communicate with their surroundings, to fully immersive augmented reality and virtual reality-based media and entertainment systems. From hugely efficient smart factories and end-to-end connected supply chains to the delivery of broadband connectivity to more homes than ever before, the benefits of 5G are set to reach across all areas of society.

But what will happen afterwards? With the speed in which technology moves, it is likely that the limits of 5G as we know and understand today may well be reached much before 2030 , the limits of 5G as we know and understand it today may well have been reached.

5G India Forum (5GIF), jointly with ITU-APT Foundation of India hosted an event on the evolution towards 6G and a future wireless connected society and how India can play a significant role in that evolution.


  • Understand from global experts on technology trends, future vision and what is happening in the ITU on evolution from 5G to 6G
  • Explore the way India wants to make its presence felt in the 6G innovations.
  • Become a partner in this global journey to 2030 and beyond


Speaker Title and Organization
Mario Maniewicz Director Radiocommunication Bureau, ITU
A. K. Tiwari Member Technology, Department of Telecommunications
V. Raghunandan Secretary Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
Shyam Mardikar President and Group CTO, Mobility, Jio
Dr. Magnus Frodigh VP, Head of Ericsson Research, Co-Chair Hexa-X
Dr. Aloknath De Senior Vice President and CTO Samsung R&D India, Bangalore
Parag Kar Vice President Government Affairs, India and South Asia Qualcomm
Willcook Colin Head of Research Alliance, Nokia Standards
Hakan Ohlsen Director, Standard and Industry APAC, Vice-Chair / Chair ADHOC WP5D
Vinosh James Technical Standards Professional, Qualcomm
Vikram Tiwathia Deputy Director General, COAI
Reza Arefi Director of Spectrum Strategy, Intel Corporation
HyeonWoo Lee Professor at DanKook University in Korea, a TTA 5G Standard Committee chair, and a 5G forum executive committee vice chair
Halim Yanikomeroglu Professor at Carleton University, Canada
Prof. Balaraman Ravindran CSE Dept., IIT Madras
Prof. Ramjee Prasad President, CTIF Global Capsule, Professor, Department of Business Development and Technology, Aarhus University, Herning, Denmark
Dr. Iwao Hosako Director General, Wireless Networks Research Center, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan
Bharat Bhatia President ITU-APT Foundataion of India
Tilak Raj Dua Chairman ITU-APT Foundation of India
Prof. N K Goyal Vice Chairman, ITU-APT Foundation of India